Representing the Doukhobors in the Media
Ages 14-16

MysteryQuest 21
Support Materials 2 (Activity Sheet)

Exploring Media Bias

Read the following three fictional newspaper accounts of a high school hockey game. Look for indications of bias or impartiality on the part of the author.

Account One: “Pearson High Cheated of Victory”

Our girls struggled hard on the rink last night, but could not get by the rough play by the Queensville Hawks. The result was a disappointing 3 — 2 defeat. Pearson was ahead by a goal for much of the game. The vicious checking by the Hawks and a couple of tripping infractions that the referee deliberately ignored late in the game allowed the Hawks to score two lucky goals for the win.

Account Two: “Hawks Power to Victory”

Female Hawks are flying high this season as they chalked up a decisive 3 — 2 victory over the flagging Pearson Arrows. Pearson’s skaters could not keep up with the determined efforts of the Hawks. Our team’s “never say die” attitude paid off with two beautiful goals late in the game to secure the victory.

Account Three: “Hawks and Arrows Battle Until the End”

The Pearson High Arrows and Queensville Hawks showed great determination and skill as they battled in a closely fought game. Although the Arrows were leading by a goal near the end of the game, they lost focus when the referee did not call two penalties that the Arrows’ players thought were deserved. One of these incidents probably deserved a penalty, but a championship team can’t let these misfortunes push them off their game. And the Hawks made the best of their opportunities with two quick goals to secure a 3 — 2 “come from behind” win.